Sleep just isn’t happening tonight.

I can’t fall asleep again. I feel lost tonight but I have no idea why. I’m feeling sick too. That is never going to lead to sleep. I am tired but can’t settle. I’m like this every single night. It has been quite severe the last few months. I started being awake at night and then sleep during the day until mid afternoon due to being tired. I don’t want to be like that any longer. I even reset my sleep pattern and still end up unable to settle at night. Insomnia makes every day feel like one long one because it never gives me a break. I wake up a lot even when I fall asleep during the day. I can’t sleep for more than a few hours without waking up. I’m never getting proper rest and I’m starting to feel the lack of proper sleep. I have never slept well but the way it’s gone now is the worse it has ever been. I need a proper break. I’m exhausted but still can’t sleep consistently and that is grinding me down. I’m trying to do every day life but it feels like a struggle. It’s the equivalent of walking up a mountain because the exhaustion feels like I’m fighting against a massive wave of tiredness. Emotionally it is taking a toll on me and others because I’m always moody and not wanting to be around others. I constantly get colds etc because of being run down by lack of proper sleep. I can’t function like this any longer. I wish that I could just snap out of insomnia and exhaustion mode.