I need an early night.

I think that I only had 2 hours sleep this morning. I can’t remember falling asleep at 6am and woke up about 9am. I have literally not stopped all day. I started typing up my tutor marked assignment answers this morning. I had my hair highlighted and cut this afternoon. I came home this evening to some housework. I had my tutorial online too. I only just had enough energy to have a bath and cook something to eat. 

I am having one of those forgetful phases.

I may not be pregnant but I certainly feel like I’m experiencing ‘baby brain’ or perhaps getting old. I used to be able to match any name to a face. I recently have found that I can see someone’s face and not be able to think of their name. I used to be overly efficient in that area. I just go blank now. I have also done some daft stuff recently. The other day I left my bunch of keys on the outside of the front door. I didn’t find them until 3pm the next day due to having been out. I happened to take out the bin which is when I discovered my mistake. I felt like such an idiot. I’ve done that a few times and promised myself I wouldn’t do that again. I went for a walk earlier and ensured that my keys were in my handbag after getting in the front door. I am okay if I’m not tired. I forget stuff when I’ve not slept well, been up early and it’s getting to early evening. I came in with a few shopping bags, totally forgetting about my keys. I was too focused on putting food in cupboards and not on the whole task. I am definitely more autistic when tired. I know this sounds odd but I don’t feel that autistic when I’m not tired. That is a rare occurrence nowadays because I’m always exhausted. I’m trying to get fitter by doing exercises every evening. I’m hoping that this will help my energy levels. I do need to tone up again anyway because I got a bit flabby. I didn’t even walk for a while due to depression episodes. I’m slowly going back to exercising. I have eased myself back into walking over recent weeks. I have to finish my OU module TMA task before 11th though as that is the deadline for submissions. I will do other things afterwards. We have two weeks off for Christmas. I can’t wait for that break because it is one of those subjects that can get quite tiring.