Month: December 2019

  • Happy New Year — 2020 here we come!

    I’m aware that this is hours early but I don’t think that I will be staying awake to post at midnight. I am already in my Onesie and planning to go to bed probably two hours before the new year arrives. I may not necessarily be asleep. I will reply to new year messages if […]

  • Half of my new year housework done.

    I have done half my housework but I’m having a 5 minute break with the cat who is asleep next to me on the sofa. They both fell asleep while I was doing things. I have done the huge task which is my mass of thick hair washing and conditioning session. In comparison to all […]

  • Disorganised after being ill.

    I can still feel my migraine but I can function again. I desperately need to get some cleaning done tomorrow because everything looks grubby. I also had to improvise when it came to what I was wearing to bed. I had only managed to put a load of washing on today which included all my […]

  • Today has been awful :(

    I has been ill all day with the worst migraine I’ve had in a while. I had to go back to bed every time I got up to attempt to eat and drink. I was only able to have a sandwich and only able to drink water most of the day. I have pain in […]

  • Today has felt short but also long… let me explain why.

    I got up twice today. Once this morning and this afternoon. I was woken up by a Jehovah’s Witness this morning. I answered it because I was expecting post that might need my signature. I was pleasant to the man that was at my door but didn’t let him go on for a long time. […]