I’m doing much better than I have been recently :)

I haven’t felt normal for a few months. I finally felt like I used to a long time ago after I woke up properly today. I felt like I was in a hole for a few months. I managed to do some housework without getting to the point of being exhausted. That isn’t something I’ve been able to do for a while. I went out for a long walk which I haven’t done for weeks. I have walked a while but not that far. I let the rain wash my hair because I had coconut oil and dry shampoo left in there during the week. It was just slightly greasy so there was no point in washing it properly because it takes quite a while due to it getting longer and thicker. I can’t wash my hair too much due to it being prone to frizz. I normally wash it once a week and it was due for that wash but I was a bit lazy.

I’ve done housework and a part of my first tutor marked assessment for my open university module. I actually went to bed at 10pm last night but woke up at 1am and then was unable to until 6am. I got up at midday, which is better than half 2 in the afternoon. I felt like I had actually slept for a change. I wasn’t feeling exhausted or lacking in energy for a change. I know that depression won’t completely go away but I’ve felt so down for a long time that I never thought that I would have a day when I didn’t feel tired.

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  1. Hi Emma,
    It is nice to read how nice things are going for you. I hope it stays that way forever. Some people feels doomed {myself a bit} and there’s no hope but, the word is patience. I’m waiting for my sufferings to end and I know it will one good day.
    I must say, I get a lot done and I do try to keep busy. I admire how much you are doing lately. Keep it up.

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