Looks like my destiny is doomed :(

I posted the photos below on a few social network groups last night. I was just curious because intuitively I don’t feel that life will ever get better. I know that I’m doomed after someone told me be careful of fake friends. There is no way that I’m not going to be tripped up by those that are being fake towards me. I can’t judge people enough to be able to avoid having my life destroyed in the future. The services don’t help me properly because they don’t understand the PDA type of autism, especially if they’ve reached adulthood. If I had the proper support then I could have a full life that was actually positive rather than negative experiences. I’m fed up of being in the same position. I want to have more in life. I feel alone a lot, but after being told about having fake friends waiting in the wings to ruin my life, I don’t want to risk getting to know anyone so that I can ensure I’m protected from having my life ruined again.

Top: Left hand / Bottom: Right hand



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