It’s been a tough few days. A warning to other women after a vitamin mistake.

I have finally started to feel slightly better. I know what made the issues happen now. I think that I’m not going to be back to normal for a few days but I’m glad that it has improved. I can’t leave the house when it gets to that stage. I just want to warn other women not to take ‘during pregnancy’ Pregacare vitamins if they aren’t sure whether they’re actually pregnant. I made this mistake because I was trying to cover all bases. I didn’t know it could affect my hormones if it turned out that I wasn’t pregnant. The bit I didn’t read the small print that said they also contribute to maternal tissue. That explains the weight gain and fuller boobs I’ve noticed over the last week. I did have pregnancy symptoms before I started these things. However, they have got much more pronounced while taking these vitimins. If I had been pregnant then I wouldn’t have started bleeding to that level over the last few days.

I have also been informed that the same symptoms happen during perimenopause/menopause. I’m only 32, but it does sometimes happen earlier. I’ve been getting boiling hot on and off for a while. I also get told that I can get rather emotional over everything, especially when something bugs me. There should be no permanent damage due to my actions, since I’ve taken no more for a few days. I have had issues in that department since I had my son. I am also sure that it has something to do with how I react to stress. I’m trying to stay away from stress and anyone that causes it. That can be quite hard in this modern world though. If it’s not through someone that you know, then it is via the internet by the news articles that get me furious.

I’m not someone who holds back when I don’t like a person or their actions. There are too many people who will just sit back and passively watch others do questionable things without saying something. I wish that someone had had the balls to say something in my past. The things that were going on needed uncovering by more than just me. It takes more than one person to expose things otherwise the one talking gets punished.