I am affected too much by stress.

I tell myself that I will not get stressed because it affects me quite severely. I read something the other night which infuriated me. I’m not a snow flake but I do not like to read about extremely awful people having been treated too softly by the criminal justice system. This is due to what has happened to me. 12 hours later the stress started to hit me. I’m definitely not pregnant now. There is absolutely no chance that I can hold onto any hope that maybe I will be any longer. The affect of stress on me over the last 24 hours has definitely made that unlikely. I don’t want to go into too much detail. I just know that there is no hope now due to personal issues. I told you all that I cannot function in these current circumstances. I know that it was half my own fault for reading something that infuriates me. I don’t know why this has happened. I haven’t had these kinds of things occur for the last few months. The medication that I was given to treat the issue, used to have heavy periods with clotty bits, isn’t actually working to stop what is happening.

I may have not helped it by exercising, I haven’t done that for weeks due to not knowing for sure whether I was or wasn’t. I only risked exercising because I was spotting. I thought that I was safe to go back to it. That night I read that article which caused me stress by how I felt about the subject. I felt something go in the bath last night and it’s been this way ever since. I’m not in pain but I am sure that there is no way that anything would survive what has been happening. The fact that I cannot stop it with medication is another indication that all hope in that department is now lost.