I’m constantly torn over particular things.

I received my postal vote forms today. This one is for the town council and member of parliament elections. I have already mentioned that I support one of the potential candidates for the Hinckley and Bosworth area because he has been aiming for that position for years. He has always been seen in public and put in serious campaigning work for local issues. On the other hand… I’ve probably said this before, but I’m going to say it again for new blog visitors: I’m definitely unable to vote for the representative of that party in the town council elections. This isn’t about me and the other person having clashed in the past. I’m judging their character and I do not feel that they will be helpful in that position.

I’m trying to be careful but direct: I still have to live in this locality for the time being and I don’t want to get involved with disputes. Conflict serves no purpose when it comes to expressing our opinions. I am aware that this person’s mother is a magistrate. I don’t want to comment whether that could have influenced their position and opportunities while they were growing up. Magistrates typically come from privileged and professional backgrounds, families who aren’t short of money. The person in question owned their own house by my age, they don’t rent. In essence, this person told me to get lost and misused their influence to exclude me from something I really enjoyed as a hobby, then made sure that I was swept under the carpet by maliciously involving the police. Obviously I ended up getting an absolute discharge, but that’s beside the point. We cannot have people with that kind of attitude elected to senior positions in town councils. I’m not saying that nobody should vote for them. This is purely my opinion; it’s up to other people whether or not they take into account the things I have said before they vote in the local elections.

In addition, I see too many of these candidates. The same sort of person, all over the country, standing for the wrong reasons. They don’t aim for that position to help others. They seem like they’re standing for self-gratification. That is why many of the MPs come from privately educated backgrounds. Their families are normally from wealth and have many connections both within their local communities and nationwide. That is extremely unfair to those of us who don’t come from that background nor enjoy those useful family connections. I have long been campaigning against the way autistic people are treated; I’ve been doing so for many years. I sometimes feel like my work falls on completely deaf ears. I even get people trolling me or punishing me for going against the grain, or being completely ignored. I was reading a website called Autism Injustice last night. The awful things described in the stories backing up this campaign would never have occurred if our society had started listening a decade ago. We are openly discriminated against due to our autistic traits, completely normal and harmless behaviours that others refuse to understand. This lack of understanding so often leads to escalation, police charges and many other unpleasant experiences.