Supermarkets aren’t like they used to be….

I’m not trying to get ASDA (not naming the location but it’s not the nearest to me) into trouble but I noticed something else rather wrong in their store today. I found a live insect in my raspberries a few months ago. I didn’t report it. I saw it as a one off because it hasn’t happened before.

I went to the large 24 hour ASDA local to me today to do my weekly food shopping. I was looking at the Quorn products. I had to double check my phone when I saw the best before date as 20th November 2019 on the packages. I looked at my phone because I couldn’t believe that they were selling the product at full price on the use by date. This wasn’t the worse part of the whole situation. I went through the packets (there was 3 in total) to see if there was any in date. I normally buy this product because I eat mostly vegetarian. I found one there that had the best before date 17th November 2019. I eat these regularly enough to know that they barely last passed the actual use by date before developing mould. I haven’t reported it. This is a one off again. However, I am probably going to say something if I notice it again when I go there.

I’ve also noticed that Tesco don’t have the litter that my cats prefer. I had to buy the wood shavings one. The other week I had to switch to another cat food due to the pound shop no longer stocking both of the cat foods I have been buying for a very long time.