I cannot succeed in a system that is set up to cause certain groups of people to fail!

Children in Need always brings certain feelings to the boil for those of us who have been continuously failed by the system. I probably say a similar thing every year but it is an important point. PDA children aren’t going to be the ones who benefit from these types of fundraisers. I do not have a chip on my shoulder. I know that people may think that due to my experiences from my story on the About Em page. I’m merely just pointing out the stark realities that those of us with this type of autism have to endure. I am feeling quite down right now but that is just part of what everyone goes through in life.

I’ve seen so many people failed in this area. I have been told that I am getting lazy today and others tell me I’m starting to not even try. I’m emotionally, physically and mentally tired from trying to be successful in a system that has been designed to eliminate people like myself. The stress of fighting against the forces continually putting obstacles in front of those of us who have been mislabelled a criminal and being excluded based on our records despite it supposedly being illegal. The lack of understanding of PDA even more so than typical autism. Both myself and others with this type of autism find things are stacked against at every turn. I’ve been trying to cope with that system since I was a teenager. I cannot continue to try and inevitably fail any longer. There is no way that I can ever be successful because the system will continue to prevent me from getting further in life.

There is also another thing that has bugged me for a long time. The system is also unfair when the children of those in higher up influential roles in the local area get practically everything handed to them on a plate. They also get protected, despite some of them having done bad things, a lot worse than anything I’ve ever done or would ever do. I saw those groups of people getting away with horrendous things while I was growing up and it is still happening now. This isn’t fair. The Police never get involved with the children of the sort of people who basically run the area in any capacity. They always somehow got protected regardless of any of the shady stunts they’ve pulled. I would like to add that these people have nothing wrong with them, they technically have no reason for breaking the law, they do it because they’ve always got away with everything due to their parents’ influence. I also have a problem that their children also take up places in the limited support that exists in this locality because the parents have influence within the local community.

There are many of us that don’t have parents who are professionals or in influential roles within the local community. We don’t get given chunks of money to start up our projects. We don’t get moved up to the top of waiting lists because our parents have the right connections or they can afford to privately pay to bypass those on the waiting lists. The divide is quite wide in this particular area. I cannot compete with people who are related to the powerful and influential within the local community. They and their families are protected from the police and social services’ abuse because of their parents protecting them with the influence that they have over various aspects of the local area. Meanwhile, those of us not born into privilege find ourselves targeted by the police and failed by social services.