Today is the definition of rain in many ways!

I feel like the weather today. I had to go out to an appointment. The water on the roads is beyond ridiculous. Some of the roads are starting to resemble mini-rivers. Luckily I got through them without my car going wrong. It’s only a small car and I was quite nervous that it would just cut out. I was glad to get home because I have a migraine. I took a painkiller and off for a nap. That normally helps my migraines. The cats have already fallen asleep on my bed next to me. Sleeping is like a leisure activity for my cats. I love sleep too. I don’t often get proper sleep though. I have to get up soon because I have things to do like my OU coursework. I have plenty of time but I won’t if I don’t work on planning my TMA each day leading up to the deadline. I can’t let myself get distracted. I need sleep otherwise I won’t be able to function properly. 

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