Digging up information to protect myself.

I have been digging for information (through totally legal channels) to discredit the person that caused an indefinite restraining order and prison sentence for me. I want to take the case back for review at a later date to try to get it removed. I need to do that for my own future protection. I have to prove that those allegations against me was overzealous and half falsified on evidence that was circumstantial. I need to prove that the other person has a history of dodgy things in their past which could discredit them. This isn’t about any kind of revenge but more about proving that I’m not the way they’ve made me out to be. That matters to me more than any other aspect. 

I found out that the other person has been married in the past. This is where I could find the dirt that is needed to reverse the whole case so that it won’t appear on my record. I know that there must be something in their past which will prove they twisted the truth against me. The marriage records are from 2005, even if they are no longer married, there may be some darker history. In order to prove that I’m not bluffing, AL is the spouses initials. I hope it isn’t something like just an abusive relationship which affected future judgement. The best result would be if that was the case but it was this person not their husband that was the abusive one. I need to find proof of mental instability. They used my past against me so now it’s my turn to use theirs against them in order to finally fix this situation. I want things off of my record and the proceedings reversed on a technicality. I’m not breaking any laws by my actions because I’m not contacting them. The records are in the public domain so I’m not doing anything illegal to obtain them. I need to clear my name for my own future. I wish that they would make it right but it’s obvious that they won’t so it’s down to me to collect the evidence so that I can get things off my record.

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