Can’t sleep again, very stressed.

I haven’t slept all night again! It is now half six in the morning and I’m still restless. I can’t rest until I know what is going on with me. I just want to know if I caught something or if I’m pregnant, even though it isn’t likely because of the negative tests unless it’s too early to pick hormone up or even the ‘hook effect’. I would like to believe the other person when they swear that they do not have anything but I cannot ignore the symptoms I am experiencing.

I have a day left to wait until my doctors appointment. The wait is shorter but I feel so impatient about just wanting to get things sorted. I know that I have something which is what scares me. I need to find out, but as I get closer to my appointment this is now becoming too much of a reality. I have to face the consequences if it feels real.

I feel bloated, crampy and other things that aren’t normal for me. I still can’t shake off the feeling that I’m pregnant. My intuition is always nagging me that it is telling me the truth despite the negative pregnancy tests. It’s rare but it happens. Tests are supposed to be quite accurate now but the hook effect can happen even after a confirmed pregnancy.

I don’t want it to be anything quite a lot worse either. That also scares me due to how I’ve been feeling. The bloating has been quite sore. I don’t feel pain unless it’s quite severe after I went through childbirth the first time around. The cramps feel nothing like the ones I get during a monthly. They feel so much deeper and sharp from time to time. I get restless due to the cramps making me uncomfortable.

And apparently the person responsible has twins in their family so then there’s the worry of finding out I am pregnant with multiples. That would explain why I got symptoms a week after that night happened. If the hormone levels have spiked that could cause that hook effect. I may be also flooding the test stick by leaving it in the sample too long. I am certainly not walking passed Morrison’s fish counter any time soon. I could smell it very strongly. I could smell it by the drinks fridges which isn’t something I’ve ever done before. I keep feeling sick a bit but not much now. Migraines aren’t so frequent now either. All my monthlies I’ve had since that point have been lighter. I simply cannot possibly be not pregnant. If I’m not then there is definitely something wrong which also makes me anxious.