The internet vs. privacy /small signs that my dad is still ‘around’.

I write this entry after watching the Dispatches programme about the darker sides of the online retailer Amazon. Amazon’s speaker system, Echo with Alexa, is something which they’re always encouraging customers to install in their homes, seemingly to spy on them. I probably wouldn’t get one even if it was a lower price. The promise of convenience isn’t convincing me that it’s a safe option. The fact that I have openly heard hackers brag about being able to get into almost anything puts me off. I have been getting really strange coincidences via my email address for a while now. Cookies must literally be tracking everything that I do on my laptop. I will have a private conversation via Messenger, Twitter DM or email. I then get several adverts a day through my email address on the subject I have privately been discussing with others. Or trying to sell me something related to those subjects. It has happened too many times to be a coincidence. I don’t let it bother me because I’m not someone who takes much notice of spam emails. I just feel that it seems weird.

However, this wasn’t as weird as starting to hear the word ‘spud’ in different places. This is a little known fact to everyone out there, only close family and myself would be aware that my dad used to call me Spud quite a lot while I was growing up. That may have not been related to internet spying. This may be due to me feeling quite cynical about the idea that my dad is still around and feeling that there is nothing after this life. I then heard ‘Happy Christmas Spud’ on a Christmas advert earlier. That somehow cheered me up a bit. I don’t even know why but I feel reassured that he is still around me now.

Also, while I’m on the subject of the internet, I do have Adwords on here. I get paid a small fee every time someone clicks on the adverts below my posts. I don’t think it has tracking cookies if you just click the link and exiting it as soon as it loads. I will still get a small amount every time someone clicks on the links. If you want to give a little back to me for running the blog but don’t want to part with your money then please do consider clicking the ads below.