I need space right now. I’m still not right.

I got over a cold that I just couldn’t shake off. I still don’t feel right though. I have a doctors appointment during this week so at least I will know why I feel this way. I feel full and keep getting cramps similar to monthly ones but they don’t feel like those ones. I ache around my lower back and I feel swollen around my pelvis area. I don’t know if I’m feeling on edge due to being worried about why I’m feeling like I have been for weeks. I can’t sit still much because I’m restless. Also, it can get uncomfortable due to being swollen. I keep getting exhausted to the point where I fall into a deep sleep and nothing wakes me up for hours. I have headaches on and off. I feel sick but haven’t been sick for weeks. There’s definitely something wrong with me. I had a vibrating sensation with a cramp last night. That was a very weird feeling. I don’t get worried easily but this is starting to unnerve me a bit. The tests were negative so I must have caught something from that night. I’m so unlucky. I haven’t been out for a long time. The one occasion that I did go out I end up in this state afterwards. I wouldn’t mind if I was the type that had one night stands regularly but I am normally careful. I’ve had other symptoms that I’m not going into right now. These cramps are uncomfortable and I visibly have a tiny bump due to being swollen.