Crawling back out of depression.

I have barely wanted to do much recently. I know that I’m in a better place in life than this time last year but I still get down sometimes. I got up late again today but I made myself go out for a walk. I needed to get out for a while so I didn’t particularly bother that I was walking in rain. I stayed mostly dry but ended up with wet knees, damp feet, slightly wet jumper sleeve and damp hair. I had a knee length coat and boots on. I had my hood up and was quite covered so I’m not sure how I got wet in places. At least it isn’t flooded or snowing here. The rain has barely stopped all day so there must be flooding in places around this area.

I’m still awake at half 12 at night because my sleep pattern is going to take a while to reset. I’m watching a film while knitting my one of my cats a body warmer.  I know that they probably won’t want to wear them but it’s the thought that counts. I got woken today up by one of my cats, Mimi. She must have known I wasn’t feeling that great. Her normal tactic is to ask for food is digging her claws into my arm. Today, she gently tapped me on the nose without claws. They have both been quite well behaved while I’ve been feeling down and was ill with a bad cold. Mister is continually wanting to sleep next to me at the moment. Mimi being reasonable is quite unusual as she is generally always highly strung. Mister has even laid off peeing on things to show when he’s annoyed or impatient. He seems to have finally snapped out of expressing himself in that way. He’s laying next to me on the sofa while I’m typing this blog entry.