Still behind,never going to catch up!

I left my flat in a state because I got up late for an appointment. I have popped into the library for a while. I’m feeling sick again. I haven’t been sick but I do still feel like complete crap. I haven’t even bothered to have my eyebrows done properly since that night happened, might go down to the threading place to sort that out while I’m here. I really do need to go to a clinic to put my mind at rest. I am finding it extremely difficult to sleep at night. I can’t get up during the day until stupidly late. Then I don’t get nothing done properly. I feel like I’ve wasted half of this week sleeping most of the days away. That makes me depressed. I also went back to 20mg of antidepressants in case I find out that I’m pregnant. I will always be depressed when I sleep half of the day regardless of medication. I hate mornings but it makes a difference if I’m up at a decent hour. I can’t be up at that time if I am not sleeping. I’m not looking forward to housework when I get back home. I can’t avoid that task all day. I even considered getting a cleaner because I got too far behind after having a cold for 3 weeks. I’m just managing to keep up with my OU module and I’m sure that I messed the first assessment up after missing half the material. I answered the questions even though I hadn’t even looked at half of the information. I had submitted the assessment before I realised my mistake. I was told not to worry because the first module doesn’t have to go towards final grade and it’s only 5% of my module marks.