A feelings vs tests.

I’m worried that I may be imagining things after all pregnancy tests, even the latest one, being negative. I keep getting pregnancy symptoms. I even told myself I weren’t pregnant due to tests being negative. I keep feeling sick but not been sick for a few weeks. Today I developed a new symptom. I walked into Morrison’s. I normally don’t notice the fish counter but I could smell it strongly. I don’t like that smell. I don’t want to feel like I’m losing my mind. I still have that feeling intuitively  that I am pregnant but the pregnancy test coming out negative makes me feel like these symptoms must be psychosomatic. I don’t want another baby that badly to convince my mind that I am pregnant. I certainly wouldn’t want to have a baby after finding out more about what the potential father Is like morally. I can wait a few more weeks to see if I feel anything else and miss my monthly. I’m awful at being patient but it’s still very early and maybe I just don’t have enough elevated hormones to get a positive yet.   I’m not insane. I cannot think about it all for the time being because it will drive me insane. I will definitely know one way or the other eventually. I have my doctors appointment next week. I probably should have made it for next month because by that time a blood test would be more accurate. I feel pregnant even though the test said I’m not. It’s not in my head. I physically feel the changes associated with pregnancy. It didn’t help that the night it could have happened was right on the end of my ovulation cycle (I have an app to track these things due to health problems). That means that I’ve had two lighter monthlies in the first 6 weeks. I know my own body and I’ve been pregnant before so those feelings aren’t new to me. I am willing to bet £10 that I will find out that I actually am pregnant in a few weeks or months. I’m that confident that my intuition is correct.