I’m so glad to be home today.

I have decided that I’m not going out tomorrow. This is mainly due to knowing that I must spend less time walking, but instead more time studying on my OU – Open University – module and I need to clean up a bit. I am so glad to get home after having to be at an appointment in the local city this morning. I’m now on a six month waiting list for a set of 12 week counselling sessions. It’s better than nothing and I don’t have to discuss my feelings with my mother. I don’t want to do that as I get older; I’m an adult now, I can’t run everything past my mother. I also can’t discuss my life on here in such depth any longer. I would love to share certain things if they materialise but I can’t risk doing so due to what happened in my past; news that I would have shared openly in the past. I have no news to share at this moment in time but that is bound to change at some point in the future. I can’t see which blog readers have negative intentions towards me. I’m not saying that I don’t trust you all but the internet is getting more of a breeding ground for troublemakers. I do feel sad that I cannot share openly on here but I also want a life.

I need to go for a nap because I barely slept last night. I found it hard to get up this morning but I just about made it on time to the appointment. I’m quite skilled at cutting it fine when it comes to getting to places by a particular time, especially in the mornings. I’m trying to make myself get up in the mornings but it’s not easy because I got used to being awake later at night. I am finally starting to feel my cold starting to disappear. I still have a bit of a runny nose but that is better than how it was until yesterday. I started taking vitamins today so that it finally goes away completely. I know that it’s working once the runny nose part has gone. I feel like I’m run down. I need a boost and I cannot afford one of those Vitadrips that all the celebrities are using once a week for a couple of hours. I do not have the bank balance for that luxury. My vitamins have iron included so if I am anaemic then it will also keep that at a level where I won’t get so tired. The iron tablets that the GP prescribe aren’t made for long-term use. I’m getting all my vitamins in these supplements and they’re all natural rather than pharmaceutical chemicals. I should feel better in a few days if I am low on any vitamins. I shouldn’t be because my diet is healthy. 

I’m also going to have to get something like mothballs or whatever the modern day equivalent may be. I’ve found tiny holes in a number of my clothes so I’m thinking that moths have left stuff on my clothes. They normally get eaten by a cat when they end up inside my flat. Obviously, one or two didn’t get eaten and has caused damage. I wish that the holes hadn’t appeared in my favourite pieces of clothing. I love these leggings but they will have to be thrown away due to three holes on one leg down the seam and one bigger one next to the seam. There is a tiny hole in the back of my pyjama bottoms. I first noticed a hole in my tights but I thought nothing of it, that material ladders quite easily. Then I started finding other things. I’m going to check other bits of clothing. There are bound to be more than just a few with holes in them.