I may be naive but I’m not a fool….

I may still have some feelings for a certain person, but that doesn’t mean I will willingly let them ever do the same to me again. I won’t ever trust that person after the crap that they pulled towards me. I’m not a fool despite what they may think after what happened. I have some feelings that remain but I’m not letting them stroll into my life in any shape or form ever again. I believed in them when we first met. Then they showed their true colours quite plainly over the last few years. They say to others that they see me everywhere. I’m not doing anything to be everywhere. That is most likely guilt they are feeling after the things that happened to me due to their actions. The guilt feeling is something they have probably never experienced after what I heard about their reputation. I don’t want that toxic influence inflicted upon my life. However, I hope that what they did towards me haunts them for the rest of their life. There were things that could have been done differently and underneath their hardened personality they know that is true. I don’t want others to think I’m soft enough to ever let them pull any crap on me again. I hope that karma never stops biting them back for the things that happened to me due to their decisions. That will be justice for what I was put through.