I will get onto it.

I am aware that the news broke about ATUs earlier. I didn’t see the news or programmes mentioning the subject, but it has been all over the social media platforms and I had a phone call from family informing me about what they’d seen on the television earlier. I’m not even home right now. I was on a walk when I got the call which has led me into the local library. I need a break. I’m technically still ill but feeling slightly better than I have been for a few weeks. I have to catch up with everything that I didn’t manage to do when I was ill. I am definitely going to get on to telling my own story about how I’ve been treated as someone with autism while the topic is being spoken about on television and social media.

I’m going to put that part on the ‘about’ section of the blog. I don’t want it to get lost amongst the mass of blog entries on here. I am going to also start to sort all my entries into categories because it’s less confusing for visitors. That is going to take quite a while but I think that it will help my blog’s readers. I’m naturally disorganised but many people will read anything that is a mess. I think if other people spent a tiny amount of time in my flat it would be too disorganised for them. I have to tidy the clutter occasionally because it even gets too much for me when it gets to the point where I cannot see the surface of my coffee table, etc. I even look a mess today. I don’t really care too much about that either. I used to care about the way I looked a lot more than I do nowadays. I know that I have gained a few pounds or perhaps more. That is to be expected after I haven’t been able to walk as much recently due to being ill.

I’m growing out my eyebrows, so they look a little messy. The weather is making my skin dry today. I don’t know why but my nails have been brittle recently. I may have anaemia again because I haven’t been taking the iron tablets after my last test came back normal. I may still not be at that level because that was a few months ago. I don’t know if I keep feeling tired due to depression or anaemia. I didn’t want to go out today but I had to send an Ebay parcel. I wasn’t meaning to be out so long. I haven’t been for a walk since Monday. That is unusual for me. I used to go for a walk about every two days. I’m talking long walks not short distances.