Depression is such a weight today.

I have felt stuck to my bed all day. The thought of getting up just was too much. I only got up to feed cats and use the toilet. I think that I have a migraine  about to make an appearance too. I can’t be lazy all day because it’s a mess in my flat. I am trying to wake up first. I actually sprayed dry anti frizz shampoo  on my hair so that it lasts a few more days until it needs to be washed. I know I’m gaining weight but I still don’t want to walk much. I don’t like the cold or mornings at the moment. I would love to feel like I’m in control of everything in life but I’m definitely behind myself. The cats also do their business in the litter tray at the wrong times. I still have my cold flu type thing but it’s not like it was last week. I’m just fed up with my surroundings. I feel tied up in knots and completely disorganised.