Emotional wreck tonight :'(

I have finally nearly got over my cold but tonight has been a difficult one in regards to what has been on the television. Coronation Street was absolutely heart-wrenching to watch tonight. Sinead’s death after her cruel battle with cancer made us all think of those we’ve lost to those types of illnesses. I lost my dad to a progressive illness, not cancer, but it is still a case of feeling helpless while the condition swiftly takes hold. I was nearly in tears watching most of tonight’s episode but by the end I was in floods of tears. The ending was the part that completely broke me, the things Billie said, everyone’s reaction around the street and Daniel walking into their flat with Bertie. I could relate to the emptiness that is just staring you in the face after losing a loved one. I managed to stop crying and compose myself.

However, I then turned onto Googlebox but then real life stories started coming on for Stand Up 2 Cancer. I ended up in tears again. I’m finally not tearful any more but I’m watching the last leg which is a special for that fundraising event. I’m sure that there is going to be more tears shed soon when they put on more real life cancer stories. I feel way too much empathy for people. I try not to feel personally involved in anything I watch but I emotionally invest automatically. They try to state that those with forms of autism have no empathy. That is a load of crap to be totally honest. I over feel things and sometimes get the impression that others are abnormally desensitised.