I’m having to begrudging change the blog.

I’m going to have to change the blog. This is a decision that I’m taking begrudgingly. I will be deleting some posts that have been posted over the past few days. I apologise to those that actually appreciate the current format of the blog. I’m probably going to struggle to conform to the new suggested ideas. I’m not a humourous or less serious person. I’ve written controversial things for the majority of my life. That is my established style but apparently if I ever want my freedom back I have to be completely the opposite to my established public personality. I don’t want to make these changes but apparently it is the only way that society will take me seriously.

I’m not sure about this idea and probably won’t be able to do it. This is basically telling me that I have to change my whole personality to be ‘popular’ and/or ‘mainstream’. That never was possible when I was at school. I’m used to people making fun of me for who I am. I used to not being accepted for who I am. That was my entire school days. I never fitted in and I don’t think that I ever will socially be able to gel with anything that mainstream society seems to find acceptable. I find those things dull. I get bored of the things that I’ve been told that I should start talking about. This is the future of the blog because I’ve been told that I have to stop attracting weirdos that cause trouble for me. I think that my naivety is the thing that attracts those kinds of people but not the things I decide to discuss on here. I’m going to try the new idea. I will see if I lose or gain followers under the new format. 

2 thoughts on “I’m having to begrudging change the blog.

  1. don’t be mainstream be yourself! i find this blog inspirational – you know you are right so please whatever is thrown at you believe in your ‘gut instinct’


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