I feel rough today :( , eat well for less comments and finding a bug in a packet of raspberries.

I didn’t get up until later today because I still have a cold. I wish that my nose would stop running! I tried to do as much housework as possible but I left it too long to catch up in just a day. The worse thing is the amount of dust that has built up. That isn’t good when you’ve got a cold. Even my cat Mister started sneezing when he sniffed the glass coffee table. I didn’t do a lot when I had a migraine for about three days last week. I’m sure that I will catch up. I will hopefully get the decorating and new carpets soon (only due to cat damage). I have some tester pots so that I can see if the colours go together before it goes on the wall. I’m not putting it on the wall but on pieces of paper and Blu Tacking them on the wall because I don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage with drawing pins. I’m not doing it on my own because it will take too long.

I found a live beetle type bug in the raspberries that I purchased from Asda a few days ago. I had left them in the fridge unopened. I ate about four of them before I even noticed the bug. I couldn’t believe that it was actually alive and crawling around. I didn’t want to eat the rest of the box after this discovery. They were English-grown raspberries so I released the bug outside. I was told by others that I should have taken it further. That was a one off because I buy them regularly and that hasn’t ever happened before. These things happen sometimes. I certainly didn’t feel like eating the rest of them. The bug had probably been eating them which was extremely off-putting. I’m not harmed and neither is the bug.

I was watching that programme ‘eat well for less’ earlier. I just don’t get how people can eat so much sugar. The people on it were both type-2 diabetics which made their choice of foods even more foolish. I have gone off sugar as I have got older. I used to have a massive bar of chocolate regularly when I was a bit younger. I’m even going off tea at the moment. It just doesn’t taste the same to me. I’m not perfect with the Pepsi Max drinks. I limit myself to only one a day but I could never not drink them ever again. I just cannot believe what other people eat. I have my not so healthy eating habits but I can’t even eat half of what others consume per day. I still manage to somehow gain weight though. I barely eat chocolate nowadays. I do pile the breakfast cereal with milk. The lack of portion control in that department probably makes me gain weight. The cereal isn’t full of sugar either. We all have our negative eating patterns but the couple on last week’s episode took it to the extreme. The fact that she was a nurse also made their choices even more ridiculous.