Things cannot stay in a stalemate situation any longer!

I wish that this Brexit decision was done and dusted. The situation right now is causing all the other issues that need addressing to be left until an unspecified date. I’m a disabled person who relies on the system to survive. We need things looking into but the government keeps telling us that other issues will have to be left aside until Brexit has been fully debated and concluded. The whole countries issues are at a stalemate because of the lack of cooperation when it comes to dealing with exiting the EU. I hold my hands up to having voted leave. It was intended as more of a protest type vote because the state of all the so called help services was starting to annoy me. I never thought for one minute that the negotiations would still be going on for three years and counting.

I met a Liberal Democrat representative (I can’t remember his actual role right now but he isn’t an MP) while I was walking the other day. They’re all so sure that this chaos is going to end in a general election they’ve been posting their leaflets through doors throughout the local area. I definitely won’t be voting Conservative. I’m no longer that impressed by Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) because he seems to not be very willing to fight for change. The Lib Dems are looking like the only option that doesn’t seem such an awful alternative to the current government.

There is a reason behind me choosing to cover this subject tonight. I had major issues with the Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments last year. I ended up having to take the DWP to tribunal because they blankly refused to acknowledge that I was affected by my disability enough to get any points on the PIP system. I managed to get all my money reinstated by the end of last year. I had been waiting for the tribunal from March to December. I only got the hearing because I was told that if I needed it sooner due to being barely able to pay bills and rent, let alone eat, then I had to ask for an urgent hearing. That was overturned at appeal for five years despite them being informed that my disability was lifelong and not subject to change. I had an Employment and Support Allowance review too because when I got refused PIP I lost the entitlement to sick and disabled element and the majority of my housing allowance; being under 35 years old meant single room rate for those classed as non-disabled.

I was told that ESA was going to be up for a review in a year last September. They sent me a work capability form in the post today and specified that I only have exactly a month to have it completed and sent back. I’m in the support group right now but if they put me back in the work group then I’ll lose a proportion of my ESA benefit again. I would be less worried about these assessment reviews if I could work. There is no way that I could sustain any type of employment right now or for the foreseeable future. I’m going to find it extremely difficult to get a job anyway due to my record after being labelled a criminal for my disability issues.

I’m also extremely worried about having to go to the hearing about getting the unpaid work order deleted next week. The court doesn’t normally make anyone attend a hearing if probation ask for the order to be deleted due to whatever reason. I get extremely distressed over even the thought of going into that place. I tried to do the order but I ended up getting too anxious to attend my placement. Even my probation officer has been granted attendance because he doesn’t think that the court is right to expect someone who suffers with anxiety, and gets distressed at the thought of the place, to attend court. The bottom line is that society refuses to acknowledge certain disabilities, like autism. They ignore anything that is explained to them about these conditions. They then get around the discrimination laws by quoting that the individuals potentially create a health and safety issue. That is how we are denied human rights and treated appallingly. Then when we get upset about how we’re treated and retaliate, the system can just quote the health and safety get out clauses which is totally legal under the human rights act exceptions. 

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  1. the whole PIP assessment is basically screwed, I was only given 2 points, and that was because I was wearing hearing aids on the day of my assessment. everything else was treated like I can’t see it then it doesn’t exsist. reguardless of school reports, doctors medicals, doctor reports, SS reports, and god knows what else we sent them. plus ontop of it all now been diagnosed with Angina type symtoms due to all the stress, and running around to jump through their hoops the passed few months. and only up to the mandatory consideration at the moment but been told by my helper that can take another 10 months or more before tribuneral, and that is after they give me a mandatory reconsideration, so could be another year before I get onto PIP.

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