The past looks rather manipulated.

I have recently found out parts of my records from mental health professionals. And also I’m remembering things that have happened when I was younger. It is becoming more and more apparent that there has been a lot of manipulation from the system. I feel that I must dispute the records because it seems that I may have been set up. I’m not the only one digging. The local council hasn’t even addressed the complaint that a family member sent in a few months ago. The system has definitely hidden things from the past that it either messed up accidentally or even purposefully for whatever reason. I need to get to the bottom of whatever occured behind my back.

I was detained under the Mental Health Act (“sectioned”) by the court even though I had already agreed to be voluntarily admitted to hospital for treatment.  I was sent to a type of low-security psychiatric unit.  The psychiatrist who wrote the report for the court had links with the unit in question because he knew the lead clinician there.  The lead clinician, also a psychiatrist, visited my parents’ home before I’d even met the one who’d written the report.  Its purpose was apparently to confirm my Asperger’s diagnosis for the court, although it turned out not to be that straightforward.

The social worker assigned to me at the time arranged all of the introductions to the various professionals. Her husband was a local magistrate at the same time I was labelled a criminal for my autism traits. This is why it is linking up to appear that I was set up to fail and I was labelled wrongly (I mean by the courts: my autism diagnosis seems to be correct, at least). I always had a feeling throughout my life that things didn’t add up but I didn’t have enough to tie together.

The worst thing is that people make out that I was imagining things and that I was the one who was manipulative. Those I’ve told about my past have simply refused to believe me and thought that the labels were legitimate. They assumed that I deserved the things that happened to me. I knew that things didn’t add up. I told people around me and they wouldn’t believe me. I was then punished again several times over for the same stuff because the wrongful claims about me are still on record.