Random thoughts, miscellaneous, various topics that don’t fit into other posts.

I am quite tired and cannot be bothered with any kind of structuring of any set topic tonight. I am instead going to just randomly cover various things. I have my OU assessment and tutorial tomorrow so I won’t be online much over the next few days. I’ve had two days break from studying so that I’m rested before I get onto the next section of my module.

It would have been my dad’s birthday in a few days. The week after that is my own birthday. I can’t believe I’m going to be 32. I never imagined myself after my twenties. I still can look 20 something but that isn’t going to last for much longer. I’m feeling older and more worn down by life in general. I read about the CQC report findings. Those of us in the system could have plainly told the investigators that support and care for those with autism and learning disabilities are totally inadequate even if they exist as an established service. The main problem is the fact that people can’t understand autism if they don’t have the condition. There are so many organisations purely operated by neurotypicals. This is a huge issue when it comes to understanding how to support a condition. Those operating the services have no idea of the thought processes associated with being autistic. Neurotypical thought processes are completely different from those that have autism. That causes more damage rather than helping any autistic individual.