Some men and their questionable morals…

I attempted the whole dating thing a few weeks ago. Then I find out that this man was still with his girlfriend. She approached me with a load of questions via social media. He kept messaging me trying to talk to me since I spent the night with him (reluctantly, he practically invited himself into mine with a line that he was too drunk to drive home). He kept denying having a girlfriend constantly after I found out the truth. I’ve had to block them both because I don’t want to be dragged into an argument. Or blamed for the whole thing if he lied to her as well. If I had known that he was still with this other woman there would be no way I would have gone there with him. It also looks like they have a young child together too.

I have morals, unlike him it seems. I would never willingly go on a date with a man who I knew was with another. I only agreed to going out that night because he told me he had split up with his girlfriend three months ago. I am also sure that he has given me an STI too. I’m definitely getting myself tested after finding out he lied to me. I have only had two sexual partners in my life.  One was Jonny’s father and the other was that man. Everything was alright before the other night so he must be the one that gave me the STI. I’m glad that I didn’t get pregnant because that would have made things ten times more complicated. 

I’m smiley, friendly and open with everyone. That doesn’t mean I’m wanting to be involved with everyone that I’m friendly towards. I will be friends with anyone. I draw the line at being more than friends with anyone who is already in a relationship, married etc. That isn’t the type of person I am. If someone lies to me then I can only go by what they say unless there is proof otherwise. I’m not looking for anything but a long term settle down situation. I don’t want to invest emotionally in anything that is just a bit of fun on the side for the other person. I also don’t want to be used by others who don’t really want to be exclusively with me.

2 thoughts on “Some men and their questionable morals…

  1. personally I can’t understand it. especially when even the so called victims are the ones that know what the guy is doing, and also up for it even while the partner is in the same building. 1 guy I knew from College has got 11 kids by the time he was 30. thank god they will never know their father. or if they do, then I will feel sorry for them. it is like wtf. or is it the way I was brought up type of thing.


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