Well, I have a few things to say regarding the various fostering/adoption campaigns.

This is the time of year when local authorities, along with other private adoption/fostering companies, start their campaigns to attract new foster and adoptive families. Those of us that have lost our children to adoption find the various campaigns difficult to see. I feel that certain things have to be said about how these campaigns affect the mental health of ‘birth parents’. It’s hard enough every single Christmas, let alone with all these campaigns about fostering/adoption being held leading up to Christmas.

I know that it is just a campaign to recruit those that could adopt/foster children. However, it makes me feel like I was used to make a baby for the state to give to those people that they recruited through these types of campaigns. Those of us that have had babies/children placed for adoption against our wishes (family court disposal of consent under the Children’s Act 1989, 2004, 2006) feel like salt is being rubbed in our emotional wounds when these campaigns happen. The damage that it does may not occur to anyone organising these adoption/fostering promotional events. I think that they should consider the impact on birth parents/families while planning their campaigns. The endless awareness nowadays about mental health should highlight enough points in regards to what contributes to mental health problems. Ignorance towards certain groups of people within society is no longer an excuse. I am aware that local authorities and private adoption/fostering companies need to advertise their events but they should make it less public for those of us that have had our children taken for adoption. There has been birth parents (I don’t like this term but apparently this is the appropriate terminology) that have been pushed to suicide because of constant reminders of their children that were adopted; sometimes being triggered by these adoption/fostering campaigns. Those people that organise these events need to take these things into consideration. 

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