Today has been a struggle!

I got rid of my migraine but still felt a little ‘off’ all day. I managed to do the things that I couldn’t do yesterday after my migraine came on. I can at least eat again without feeling sick tonight. I’m still not sure that it has properly gone to the point that it won’t come back. I washed my hair today just in case it comes back. It’s painful doing that task when I have a migraine. I was asleep by 9 last night but kept waking up to be sick. I didn’t get up until 11am. I still feel a bit delicate but I wasn’t able to eat properly until this evening. I’m sure I’ll be okay after sleeping tonight. I’m hoping that all this horrible migraine stuff is over properly tomorrow. This particular migraine has got really intrusive. I am used to migraines in general. I can function with them to a point. This one was just too persistent, also I’m not normally sick with my normal type migraines.

I only normally get sick with them when I’m stressed. I don’t feel stressed enough to get a migraine and sickness. I’m not even getting stressed about having to go back to court so that they can officially cancel the unpaid work requirement. I didn’t know about that when my migraine first started anyway. I knew that it was going to be required but I was waiting on a date. I don’t need to be scared of our system. The more that you show fear towards the government structured system, it will just screw you over even more. The fear that I developed of the systems around me made me ill both mentally and physically.

I’m ahead of my OU study so I’m not stressed about that aspect of life. I haven’t got my first assessment until mid next week though. That is subject to change depending on what comes up on the assessment questions. I think that I will be okay but until they make the document available I don’t know what I’m going to be asked.

I’ve not eaten much and been sick several times this week because of my migraine. The logical result should be that this has caused weight loss… nope, I’ve actually gained an inch all over despite being ill this week. It doesn’t make any sense. I was thinking that losing a bit of weight was going to be the silver lining to the awful migraine and sickness. It doesn’t look like I’m that lucky. I haven’t been able to walk or do much in regards to any form of exercise due to being ill though.