Migraine again :( / #everymindmatters and other campaigns.

The migraine has returned but not so severely this time. I keep feeling sick which is driving me mad. I felt sick just at the time I was about to have something to eat. That is annoying when you’ve been for a walk and feel hungry. I must have a cold or something because I ache all over. I’ve had a runny stuffy nose for days. I didn’t feel like going for a walk but I made myself go for ‘fresh air’. I needed a break from being inside for a bit. I had a lot of plans to get things done today but then my migraine came on. I can do things when I have a migraine depending on if it gets worse. I’ve had to sit down for a bit because I’m tired now. It is 9 in the evening so it’s not like it isn’t late enough to go to bed. I can’t think properly so I’m not going to be able to write much of a post today.

I just want to mention the #everymindmatters campaign and ITV encouraging people to talk about mental health. It is fine to tell everyone to talk about mental health and how it makes them feel but more needs to be done. The services aren’t there because the mental health system has completely crumbled. Mental health service’s have always been underfunded and less attractive to the physical side of the medical profession. We need to attract potential staff to train to fill the Psychiatrists roles that remain unfilled in the UK. Also, we may talk but that doesn’t mean that we ‘listen’. In order to listen there is a need for people to understand. The awareness campaigns don’t increase understanding. Yes, they are aware of what mental illness can do but the attitude towards those aspects still hasn’t improved in regards to how people treat each other within society. There isn’t enough understanding for society to start to listen and make the appropriate adjustments for those of us with mental health problems (and in my case, also a form of autism). I have the belief that if someone doesn’t understand a person’s point of view then they cannot truly listen to them and subsequently absorb any of the information that the person is trying to put across to them. 

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