I am stepping offline for a bit (well social media anyway).

I am not feeling too well at the moment. I even took my iPhone offline on messenger last night. I don’t log into my laptop much but messenger on my iPhone is constantly logged in so it looks like I’m always online. That has been the same for many years since I started having smart phones. I didn’t mind when I was younger but I don’t want to be contactable 24/7 by anyone unless it’s an actual emergency that can’t wait until morning. I need space too, I even wear myself out with my natural social intensity when I’m communicating. I can only quieten my brain if I set a certain amount of hours away from other people being able to contact me. Social media has become a 24/7 type of stress because others always expect a reply way too much. I used to be too efficient at replying to messages but now I sometimes don’t even reply to any of my messages for days.

I have a migraine and feel sick so I’m definitely not replying to anything at the moment. If a certain professional wants his document taken off the blog then all he needs to do is send me the legal cease and desist paperwork. That is the compromise I’m prepared to offer if he happens to see it and want it removed. The legal route is quite simple. I’m keeping it up for the next few weeks if I do not get any letter telling me to remove it. I need to find others with similar experiences involving that professional to add strength to my claims against them. I’m not saying that I’m leaving that entry up permanently. I’m just saying that it isn’t coming down yet. I thought about it the whole of last night in between an intense migraine. I didn’t make this decision lightly, but as I have stated I’m not feeling too well physically so it’s hard to concentrate right now.

I have put oil on my hair ready to wash it but I don’t think that I will be able to even do that today without it making me sick. I have a cold but it has turned into something worse. I tried quite hard to avoid a cold but I caught it anyway. I’ve got my tinted glasses on because light hurts my eyes. I need a break today because I start my open university degree tomorrow. I don’t have to start on the day it opens but I don’t want to get behind.