Full of the joys of life today!

The title of this entry isn’t even sarcastic. I am actually having a reasonable day today. I’ve walked to the doctor’s, pharmacy and back home already. I’ve sorted out my medication issues. That doesn’t sound a lot but my GP is over two miles away from the pharmacy where I pick up my medication. I never changed my nominated pharmacy after changing my GP. I’ve finally found a GP at this surgery who is understanding of autism and all the ways it can impact life. It took a long time to find that kind of support from a GP. I can talk to this one without feeling rushed or judged for not being neurotypical.

I was fed up of the attitude that I got at my previous GP. I had to take someone else with me just to get tests which discovered I was anaemic originally. I was basically given a leaflet on getting proper sleep and sent home several times before I finally got them to even investigate my tiredness at my old GP. That is why I am happy today because I’ve wanted to find support from medical professionals for a very long time. I find that many of the professionals working the system have absolutely no understanding of autism spectrum conditions. I even find that some of those that are supposed to be trained in autism aren’t understanding of anything but straightforward autism. The PDA type autism is slightly different than traditional autism. We are more likely to get in trouble with others due to naïvety and aspects of the PDA type autism. We are more likely to get shoved into the Criminal Justice System or sectioned earlier in life. We don’t get supported properly because of how others view the behaviour associated with Pathological Demand Avoidance. We aren’t like the autistic people familiar to public knowledge. There are many of us trying to change that narrow public view of traditional autistic behaviour. I can see tiny changes but things still aren’t as accessible for those on us on this part of the spectrum.