Today is the definition of rain!

We all woke up to this rain in the UK today. I’m definitely not going out in this weather today. I’m glad that I popped out for the things I needed yesterday. Mister decided to take a pee on my laptop and all over my notes for the open university which I had prepared in advance in order to be in front of myself for the start of my module next week. I mopped all my laptop with disinfectant. However, the notes couldn’t be saved because they were a complete mess. He gets quite demanding of attention. That is when he pees on things he knows get attention from me. I had my first Q & A session on the open university site yesterday so he saw me giving the laptop more attention than him. I have tried to get him out of this really irritating habit. I think that he has finally stopped peeing on stuff. Then he starts doing it again.

It is definitely behavioural because I’ve taken him to the vets to have him tested physically. I will need to keep my work and laptop away from him now just in case he decides to pee on them again. I’ve told him no and he isn’t getting any more attention from me for the next few hours. He is aware that he has done wrong. I can see that by how he looked at me. If he wants my attention then I’d rather he nudge me with this head (his sister does that if she wants attention). The problem with Mister is that his whole personality revolves around constantly being entertained. He sleeps a lot but when he is awake it is like he has some form of ADHD. He gets bored easily compared to Mimi. I can’t keep him entertained constantly and he can’t go out in this kind of weather. His attention span isn’t very long. He gets bored with activities quite quickly. It is honestly like having a toddler. I’ve spent a long time training him to stop scratching and peeing but he hasn’t quit doing that kind of thing permanently. 

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  1. “The next few hours” may still be too long for a middle-aged cat.

    Especially one as frisky as Mr.

    Perhaps he is having a mid-life crisis?

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