My DNA Origins result…. I am a tiny bit black.

I have always wondered where my hair, curvy bits and some of my other features came from. It looks like I get these things from my origins. I am pale. I’m as white as someone can be who isn’t albino. I didn’t think I had black ancestry. I mostly came back European which is what I presumed it would say. I didn’t expect anything else to come back. I don’t have any native Indian or Asian in me. But I have black African in me. I am trying not to offend with my terminology.  I’m quite surprised but then it does explain a fair few of my features. 



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  1. You’re less white than me, in the most literal way! But I’ve found that our ancestry can meander about a lot more than I’d assumed. In my case, for all I thought my family had lived on Tyneside forever, the largest chunk comes from north east Scotland, e.g. Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee, hence that “argh I got sunburn from a 40 watt bulb!” skin tone. And there are various indications that there’s Scandinavian in there too, either via the Scottish link and/or a different route.

    What was slightly surprising though not especially was the link to Ireland, but they get everywhere. “Everyone’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day!” My ancestor from that neck of the woods was Irish every day. He was called Paddy. Actually, he was called Thomas, but everyone called him Paddy because Irishmen are called Paddy.

    More surprising was discovering American ancestry, on both sides of my family. Whether that was just European people who went on a bit of an excursion or includes any Native American I doubt I’ll ever know.

    So your ancestry is probably much more diverse and interesting than you think.

    These DNA tests… I dunno. Even the official ones are pretty unreliable, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. But you may find that your actual family history is way more interesting than any DNA test would suggest, accurate or not.

    Oh, and nomenclature. I can’t really keep up.


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