Tomorrow is not happening now.

I did some research today about the place I was set to attend for the test shoot tomorrow. I found evidence that it was a scam. I just had a bad feeling lingering in my head about it. I’m not even going to put myself in that position. Apparently, I can get the train tickets refunded because they haven’t been used. I just emailed the model scout telling them that I didn’t want the opportunity enough to go tomorrow. I said that I didn’t mind losing my £50 deposit. They don’t have my card details because I paid via paypal. I wasn’t keen on going all the way to London anyway. I was getting stressed just thinking about travelling.

I’m trying to stay away from any trouble. I back off when I even get a feeling that things aren’t as they seem. I still want to live but I just want a peaceful existence. The world is completely insane right now. I feel it because I am naturally intuitive. I have to block it out as if it was unwanted noise. The state of the world does upset me but I personally can’t change things on my own. I can’t get other humans to wake up to things like climate change, let alone the things I campaign against along the lines of discrimination, disability etc. I feel guilty that I can’t do more but can feel everything. I don’t want to feel helpless but that is how the state of the world makes me feel recently. Those of us that feel things intuitive (some refer to it as psychic) have these abilities for a reason. I think we should put our intuitive natures to a positive use. I see many of those with these abilities using them for personal gain. That isn’t why we were given the abilities. I feel that this world is heading for disaster. Surely those of us that feel things can get in front of all the political and climate problems by listening to those intuitive feelings? 

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