Unexpected day :/

I had a text this morning from a modelling place asking me to call in regards to a few photos I’d sent via an application at the weekend. I wasn’t even expecting to hear anything from it. I was feeling bored with my life as it is now so the opportunity looked inviting. I sent a few random photos that I happened to have on my laptop. I can’t believe my measurements now though. 36,31,40. I’ve been exercising but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’m getting older and also, it seems, wider. I have a test shot in Soho, London next Friday. I have to take 8 outfits that fit the categories told to me by the woman on the phone. I am aware that there are scams and I spent an hour speaking to the woman on the phone which gave me enough time to ask questions.

It seemed legit. I failed to mention on purpose that I am qualified in media production. I know the buisness side from my BTEC qualification. If the test shot goes well on the day then I will be put on the agencies books, then after 4 weeks I can start getting modelling jobs. It won’t be that often because I’ve only said I’ll do part time hours. That is about 6-8 jobs depending on if you meet a criteria that a client requires. I have the right to say no to any job without explanation. I am not required to buy any of the test shoot photos. The woman working at the agency is a former model herself. It would be lovely to get a chance to be a model. I could get the chance to travel to places like Milan if I am brave enough to say yes to international jobs. The agency takes 15% to 22% commission from my earnings. I may have to stay over night in hotels but once I’m on the agencies books my expenses will be paid for travel and accomodation. Most of them are just 4-6 hours worth of work. They provide tv and film extras too which is only 15-25 minutes work for a decent fee. The fees that you get make it worth travelling to jobs. London isn’t a place I’d chose to work but it’s a place where a lot of things in this kind of industry are done. There are many opportunities in that part of the country. I can eventually afford to move back down south with the kind of rates that they pay for their jobs. I just have to wait and see what happens. I may not be successful on the test shoot which means I will be staying here until I can save up to move out of this area… however, it certainly won’t be down south because it is too expensive to live there without a high paying job. The rents down there are absolutely ridiculous now. Well, I literally have every thing crossed and I’m hopeful but not going to bet on getting the opportunity yet. I just have to go to the test shoot and hope that I impress them enough to get the opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected day :/

  1. Yes, Em, a lot of things do get done in London.

    I wonder if you ever thought of running a modelling agency yourself?

    Good luck with the eight photos.

    And good luck in general, Em!


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