I’m fed up. The blogs USP is brutal honesty about mental health and autism.

I got told by a family member that they didn’t like how open I was on the blog. That has become my unique selling point. This is the reason why my blog has been getting new followers. I’m not going to feel bad about being open about mental health and addiction. These things aren’t a choice. The more narrative is out there regarding these topics, the more changes can happen in regards to stigma and discrimination. It’s my choice whether I want to share parts of my life experiences with blog readers. I really don’t need all of this stress because I have a withdrawal headache. I work very hard in life to combat autism and mental health issues. I didn’t chose to develop an addiction to painkillers but I’m making a firm decision that I’m not going to go back to them again. I’ve strengthened my mind enough to be strict with myself. It doesn’t mean I’m failing at life because I went back to my addiction. We all have substances which we can’t give up easily that are bad for us. I am much better than I used to be which is an achievement in itself. I need understanding rather than judgement. I like being out there and on here campaigning for more understanding/ support for autistics and those with mental health problems. I don’t want to be told my work means nothing by those related to me. I’m passionate to change things after what happened to me. I feel that I need to fight for change. The law degree I’m doing via the Open university is the qualification I’m going to use to help me fight for changes to the system. I’m making a huge effort despite struggling in life. I could just disengage completely. Instead I chose to put a load of stress on me to ensure that the system doesn’t keep letting people down.