Pill shaming has to stop!

I felt that this had to be a topic that is covered on here after comments that were made to me earlier. Apparently, according to a few people, using antidepressants to tackle depression isn’t positive. I was informed that this means the depression has won rather than me. That isn’t true. I’m going to explain why that is the case here. Some of us do not have any other option but medication. I haven’t wanted to rely on medication but this is how it is in reality for me. The medication option was the one I tried to ensure wasn’t permanent before I realised that maybe my life was more stable on antidepressants. I am all for natural healthy things. I have a diet full of veggies and fruit. I have my bad habits like drinking Pepsi max but everyone has those things that they enjoy in life. I don’t smoke or vape which is a widespread bad habit for many of the population. I limit myself to one little bottle of Pepsi max per day now.

When it comes to many types of mental illnesses, there will be some people that will have to take medication for life. They just can’t function properly in every day life without the medication to chemically regulate their brain functioning. Pill shaming just isn’t fair on those that have to take medication for mental health issues. How is it okay to shame someone with depression for taking medication when a person with diabetes wouldn’t be shamed for having to rely on insulin to survive? It’s perfectly acceptable in one scenario but not the other. That shouldn’t be the case because both scenarios are actually equal. I may always need medication to regulate the chemicals that don’t work right in my brain which results in depression. I had to take medication for epilepsy from the age of 8 to 11 because I had nocturnal seizures. That means my brain was still growing while getting accustomed to chemical interventions. After I came off of that medication my behaviour problems became apparent. Maybe my brain is chemically broken so medication gives the assistance it needs to function correctly and release chemicals that stop me feeling depressed and tearful. Maybe my brain can’t regulate naturally due to seizures and anticonvulsant medication as a child. This is exactly why you shouldn’t pill shame because you’ve got no idea of a person’s circumstances or history to possibly be able to judge their situation.