A few beauty secrets :D

I had a nap earlier when I finally got home. I can now think properly again. I’ve had people ask me how I transformed myself from looking broken to my current self. The short answer is … a lot of hard work. The details of this hard work I am going to go through now. These things work for me but I cannot promise that they’ll work for others. I have a bath every night so my skin gets quite dry from that routine. I always just used various bath soaks and body washes in the water but I have recently started adding a few drops of micellar water in the bath alongside these things. I have noticed a difference in my skin.

I don’t wear make up much so I don’t really use micellar water directly on my face every day. I wear mascara quite often but I don’t really class that as proper full face make up. I’m not a fan of things like foundation every day because it gives me spots. Not using it is how I don’t get many spots now. I always make sure my skin isn’t completely covered by things like foundation. I use my cream to exfoliate the skin on my face. I rub in a circular motion, don’t rub in any other direction because it can create creases or wrinkles.

I try to use body moisturiser daily but it really doesn’t matter if you only moisturise every second day or as little as once a week, though it depends on your skin type; mine is dry. Oily skin is probably best moisturised once a week and cleansed on a daily basis. Adding micellar water to a bath is very good for cleansing your skin without having to make much of an effort.

I make my eyebrows and eyelashes more defined by putting coconut oil on them using a cotton bud. I keep my teeth less stained by using whitening toothpaste morning and night. That isn’t my main secret though. I also use coconut oil to ‘oil pull’ my teeth. I basically use it like mouthwash but it’s less of a rinse. I hold it in my mouth for about 5 minutes, which is really hard at first, and then work it around my mouth, which also takes practice. It’s vitally important that you don’t swallow because of all the bacteria in your mouth being left in the oil after keeping it in your mouth. There are two types of coconut oil. One is processed for use on hair and skin, which isn’t the one you should use. The one I use for oil pulling is the type that is sold for the purposes of cooking because that version can be used internally. 

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  1. All the things you’ve found to do with coconut oil!

    The teeth thing in particular was new to me.


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