Long day :/

I had a blood test at an early hour this morning. I didn’t sleep well again. I get anxious that I won’t wake up in time for appointments. I actually woke up before my alarm. Then I nearly fell asleep when the cat came to snuggle next to me. I’ve had my hair done which was a long process because I had it cut, highlighted and toned. I’ve posted a new photo on my social media profiles, including my WordPress blog. I’ve just stopped at a relative’s for a cuppa so I can have a little break. I need to go home soon because my cat, Mimi, has been out all day. She was nowhere to be seen when I had to go out this morning. I have left my other cat, Mister, asleep on the bed. I’m sure that he hasn’t moved far since this morning because he is quite a lazy cat. I can’t wait for bed-time. The weather is getting colder. I am actually wearing a coat. I haven’t needed a coat for months. I am not looking forward to darker nights and colder weather. I feel the cold easily due to health problems. I don’t enjoy walking in the winter either. 

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