Thanks for letting me down! The Autistic reality that everyone should read about to teach the public to understand. (please share far and wide).

I’m not going to mention specific names here but this is addressed to all those that let me down in the past. Congratulations to the achievement of creating a broken person from all the lack of support, false recorded information and assuming things about me that wasn’t true basically due to not understanding my condition. I never asked to be treated that horrendously. I still have nightmares about the things that have happened, even from when I was a child. I don’t know when it became perfectly acceptable to abuse an individual until they fight back. Then the abused individual is the one that got labelled the awful one (not just seen as bad, labelled as a criminal). This isn’t right and should never have been allowed to happen! The prejudice and discrimination I have received since a teenager has been immensely relentless. I’m not a violent person but I may as well have been to justify how people treated me. I could never win against those that want to oppress us as people.

We are denied human rights. Then when we kick off about it we are told that we are also the problem. The goalposts are constantly changed when you have a form of autism (due to the lack of understanding everywhere in society). One minute we are vulnerable, this is used as a reason we can’t live a normal life (or even be allowed to be parents to our own children, having been forced to give them up, no contact even with them, erased from our lives completely). Then the next, we are dangerous because of our actions not being understood. That is then used to deny us opportunities and obtain support for our neurodiverse differences.

There are so many people that fuel those issues for us. The professionals within the system that don’t even know us, but that impartiality is harmful to the neurodiverse community. In order to understand autism, it is imperative to get to know those with the condition. That cannot happen with records. Those haven’t even turned out to be correct records in many cases. I cannot stress how crucial it is to fully establish the whole of circumstances and aspects of any neurodiverse person with a condition such as autism. Unless you find out how they function, you simply will never find the solution to help them live with their condition. You’ll only end up a hindrance and make their life ten times worse than it started out. In example: excluding an autistic person from an education place when they’re already mentally finding things difficult due to their circumstances is absolutely going to exacerbate any fall out that may happen. We already generally live our life feeling rejected, lonely and feel like an outsider. The solutions must be put into the context of the whole situation first before anything decided makes us feel those things (the things mentioned above can also be triggers for autistic behaviours etc).

If things were being done properly out there the suicide rate wouldn’t be so high in those that have autism. The rate of suicide in just the autistic community alone is actually higher than in the general population. We also have a shorter life expectancy. This is highlighting serious failings within our society. It seems that our wellbeing isn’t even a low priority when it comes to providing the correct support or treatment for us to not have to go down the suicide road. I’m speaking out for all those that have felt the need to end their own lives because of how society treats them for their autism etc. I’ve been there several times in my life. I know how dark those times can be. I was told that I was suicidal for attention or trying to manipulate others to do what I wanted. That wasn’t the case but the system doesn’t listen to us. We try to stick up for ourselves… we just gets us punished and told that we are wrong for expecting to have rights to be treated with respect etc.

Please feel free to share this entry far and wide. It would be amazing to have this mini article go viral but I’m sure that the ignorance level is still too high for that to become a reality. We need to be heard directly. The media needs to shut up because Journalists etc can’t speak for us. The assumptions the media have published over the years have been extremely damaging to those of us trying to live our lives diagnosed as autistic. Those of us with all forms of mental health issues and autism have had enough of being an outgroup falsely represented by the media based on the small percentage that are murderers or extremely violent. The bias is always negative. The balance needs to be restored for outgroups that are represented inaccurately to ‘spice up a story’ to attract readers. The public need to know the truth. They only hear the half of the stories that paints the outgroups as villains. That makes me angry on top of my anger issues. I will use those anger issues to argue my case with anyone that needs things explaining to them. Understanding isn’t going to come with the current media bias. I trained in media production. I have some experience but never got far on my Journalism degree before it fell apart for me. There is a lot of principals I didn’t agree with while studying these subjects due to the media’s attitude in general. It’s fine if you’re in a group that gets a positive bias but unfair if you’re in a negative bias group.

‘We need changes now. Enough is enough. Too Much has happened’ Villanelle aka. Emma-Lucy

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    I will try with Mix – everyone who has been involved with institutional and interpersonal betrayal needs to see this.


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