I feel guilty so much at the moment.

I can’t sleep right now. I feel exhausted but I’m too restless. I keep having dreams due to my past. Guilt is consuming me far too much. Other dreams are parts of my past technically  haunting me. I don’t want that to be a regular experience because I don’t get no proper sleep. I’m constantly waking up throughout the night every time a dream frightens me or causes me some kind of distress. I find it extremely exhausting trying to function when my sleep is full of nightmares about my past and feelings of guilt which stops me from actually going to sleep. Then I’m scared of the consequences of something I may have done in anger. I came out of prison last year obviously quite upset about the person who put me in there. I am normally very reluctant to use witchcraft stuff but I was very annoyed at their actions towards me and my ego had been shattered in the process. I’m now starting to realise that I didn’t want to send a curse their way. I can’t undo it because I’m not really sure how to actually take it off. I have never sent a curse out before. I felt that it met the criteria of exceptional circumstances to make the decision to do curse magick. I’m still quite inexperienced when it comes to the whole casting spells kind of stuff. I was understandably driven by how pissed off I was at that time. I don’t think I’d have held back when sending any kind of negative energy to fuel a curse. Also, our energies are now intermingled due to me casting it. This means that any bad luck could ping right back at me as well as affecting the intended target. I can’t take back any of that energy that I sent out because it’s out there around others. I can’t willingly go take it back because it’s not mine anymore. I just hope that it isn’t going to cause much damage. I’m also not able to be totally free from the other person because the curse loosely still connects me. I long to be able to move on. I have technically also cursed myself to always be intertwined and now I have basically screwed over myself too. I know that people reading this post who don’t believe in witchcraft will just think I’m crazy. This is entirely up to a readers personal beliefs but I have tried to not believe in order to stop nightmares and deepening impending guilt; it hasn’t worked.