Bank holiday officially over. Back to my normal routine.

The last few days have been extremely hot. I’m far too pale for this type of weather but  luckily I never got burnt during this heatwave. I do have sore skin so it may not have come out yet. I have found it more sweaty than hot. The humidity is the part I find unpleasant. I like heat but not sweating to the point where my clothes are damp. I didn’t do a lot during the heatwave. I was too hot to function most of the time. I went for a walk on the coolest day but I stayed inside a lot the other days. I knitted a lot. I also went to a relatives house. I found the air conditioning was a useful thing in this weather. I didn’t have it in my old car because it needed to be repaired. I never bothered to get it gased because I wasn’t really interested in air conditioning before we started having these hotter days. I have the window open and there is absolutely no breeze tonight. I do have a fan in the other room but it’s just going to be blowing around warm air which isn’t helpful. I’ve packed up the things I’ve sold on eBay this weekend. I’m going to be sending them out tomorrow. I have knitted some more of my scarf. This is a photo of it so far. I’m on the white middle part now. I don’t know if the photo shows details but the wool has silver sparkling bits running through it.