I refuse to keep quiet.

I get told regularly that I probably should keep stuff off the blog. In example, what is going to be on in regards to the application to delete the unpaid work requirement which probation had submitted but the court rejected (despite medical evidence being submitted). I won’t shut up because it isn’t right. I am the kind of blogger that wants to expose how badly our systems are operated. I’m certainly always too tired to get things done in my own life most of the time, 120 hours of unpaid work will add to the pressure of trying to function within every day life. I probably won’t have the option of the charity shop because I let them down previously. The manual work would also be far too heavy for me. I’m built quite small and some of the machinery was taller than me. I tried to do the charity shop but it made my arms hurt. I’m not making excuses. I get bone aches along with my tiredness. It took me days to recover after just the first day at the placement. Then I can’t leave the placement for the whole 8 hours. I get anxious due to my autism and therefore need regular breaks granted where I can go outside to be by myself. That was against the rules set out by the unpaid work system. If someone doesn’t talk about these things then things won’t change.