Today wasn’t so bad.

I had a better day than I expected in the end. The hospital trip wasn’t so drawn out as I was expecting. We were in and out within an hour. I was back home by lunch time. I fell asleep watching Netflix this afternoon. I was relaxed and tired. This isn’t a good combination during the day because I will end up napping which messes up my sleep pattern for night time. I become naturally nocturnal extremely easily but I also get exhausted regularly at the moment. It’s a tight rope like balancing act to not get too tired but also avoiding being nocturnal. I did a lot of things when I woke up this evening. That saves me having to do housework, ironing etc tomorrow. I still have vacuuming to do but I couldn’t do that mid evening because living in a flat makes me feel reluctant to make louder noises in the evenings. I don’t want to annoy people in the surrounding flats. I put the washing machine on but I’ve heard neighbours have theirs on during the night. The electricity is supposed to be cheaper at that time.

I did some exercises before I went to bed. I’m trying to lose the bit of weight that I gained through being way too relaxed about the things I ate and lazy. I tried to be laid back about gaining weight due to age but I just couldn’t do it. I feel better smaller. I’m slightly overweight according to the bmi scale.  I am only 5 ft 2. That body mass index thing is a tool that causes weight anxiety. It basically implies a person is fat but saying it politely. I just want to be in the normal range again.

I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to bite back at things people say. It is less stressful to just not get into heated debates about whatever they’re saying. I just feel less inclined to be fighting others opinions and views. It’s a waste of energy and pointless. I’m not bothered what others think about me or things that have happened in the past. There is no point in debating facts with idiots who make assumptions about things that they weren’t involved in. That makes me an idiot for even engaging.