Stressful morning!

I only remember having approximately no more than two hours sleep. I was up by half seven to take my relative to their hospital appointment. The infirmary is far too big now. We got lost on the way out and my relative got angry at me because I was meant to be leading us back to the multi story car park. They also can’t communicate properly due to being quite deaf now which made it more complicated. I have just got back to their house to have a cup of tea and something to eat. I have to eat with my medication otherwise I wouldn’t bother because I want to get back to my home as soon as possible.

I got an email sent to my phone while I was in there telling me that I had ran out of credit on my meter and it had decided to disconnect after going into emergency credit. I have my laptop at my relatives home so I’ve topped up but when I get back I will need to get into the meters to reset them. I left the boiler on but the thermostat off which I’m hoping isn’t going to break the system. I will be in serious trouble with my landlord if it did break because they’ve only just been put the new boiler in. It shouldn’t if I turn the button off before I go into the meters. I am sure the cats will be surrounding me for food too when I walk in the door. I just want to go to sleep after I’ve sorted everything out.