I made it to the end of the day.

I had to go for a few hours nap when I got home. I tried to stay awake but the lack of sleep I had last night caught up with me. The cats joined me (as usual). They’ve woken up for something to eat and gone back to sleep. I’ve had a bath, washed my hair and watched some television. I really want long hair but it’s getting a handful when I have to wash it already. I have times when it gets really matted. Then the ends get tangled together quite a lot. I have to wash it in three stages. Shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. I can’t leave it to dry naturally because it frizzes outwards. It’s about a three hour task if I do all washing stages and styling together.

I really need to start writing a book because I keep putting it off. I had a few ideas today but never wrote it down… again. I forget them and then I’m not disciplined enough to set aside a time each day to make myself put any effort into making ideas in to some form of book or at least an outline. We can use things from our lives but converting our memories into a book and adapting them to flow for someone that didn’t live through certain experiences is extremely difficult. I’m no good at explaining things in every day life at the best of times.