Anxious. I want to go home so badly but I can’t.

I don’t like staying the night away from home. I’m too anxious to sleep tonight. I have to stay where I’m driving from tomorrow. I’d rather be with the cats because I’m so used to them being at home with me. I don’t like leaving them over night either. I have fed them etc but I still don’t want to leave them. I have been on edge about plans all day. I can’t wait until tomorrows commitments are done and I’m back in my familiar environment. I have worries to that I cannot go into on here.  Things can get so much worse starting from what is happening tomorrow. Tomorrow could just be the beginning of an awful time. I may end up totally on my own and there will be more appointments in the meantime. There will be so much to sort out in general. I can’t wait until tomorrow is over and I’m back home recharging for whatever may happen next.